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Thursday, August 1, 2013

One Giveaway ending and another Giveaway extended

Don't forget about our two giveaways.  Please post comments in the posts below and refer to the details for each giveaway in each post.  The one for '90 Devotions for kids' is scheduled to end on August 9th.  Also since there were no entries in the giveaway for the 1st three Imagination Station Books within the deadline of July 12th so I will be extending that to August 9th as well.  Good luck and don't forget to enter!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Establishing Routine - GIVEAWAY CLOSED

Theme: Grow in your walk with God every day

Blog Post #3 ACTS

For moms with kids in school, the most hectic months of the year are usually September and May. The end of the school year involves parties, playoffs, and final projects. The beginning of the year has moms and kids feeling overloaded with shopping trips, sign-ups, and new schedules.

Establishing healthy, positive routines is a tough job. Too often, music lessons, sports practices, and after-school clubs can overshadow the routines that build family and healthy habits—both physically and spiritually.

One of the great new Adventures in Odyssey products released this year is 90 Devotions for Kids, aimed at kids 8 to 12.  This soft-cover book draws you in with illustrations, puzzles, and kid-friendly applications. It also includes a daily Bible verse, daily challenges, words of encouragement from different AIO characters, and more. Even if your kids aren’t already Adventures in Odyssey fans, they’ll enjoy these daily devotionals, and get to know the Odyssey crew along the way.

This devotional, and the edition coming this fall (90 Devotions for Kids: Life Changing Values from the Book of Matthew) are great tools to help your kids put a regular pause in their day for Bible reading, prayer, and thoughts about God. If you start now—by the first day of school, you’ll already have a spiritual component scheduled into your kids’ routine. After that, everything else will hopefully just fall into line! 

Click here for FREE download of an excerpt from 90 Devotions for Kids

Let's try another giveaway

This time one lucky readers will win a copy of 90 Devotions for Kids.

We've gone through this devotional once so far and the kids loved it as did I.  We'll wait awhile and definitely be going through it again and again.  Good luck to all!

To enter please leave a comment sharing how your family has or plans to serve others. (one entry per person)

Winning comment will be drawn from a hat.  Please include an email or link to your blog if an email can easily be found on there.  This giveaway is open through August 9th 5:00 PM Eastern standard time.  This contest is open to U.S. residents.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Giveaway ending soon!!!

See the post below for details on how to enter to win books 1-3 of the Imagination Stations series.

Giveaway will close to entries tomorrow July 12th at 5:00 PM.

You're chances right now are great, as there are currently no entries!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Serving with Creativity - A Giveaway - Free e-Book - GIVEAWAY CLOSED

Theme: Imagine creative and fun ways to serve using your unique gifts!

Unleashing Imagination
Children are spending more and more time in front of TVs, iPads, computers, and video games. That doesn’t leave much room for kids to dream up their own visual images—like the ones that fill their minds when they hear a great story! Rather than passively receiving images, kids actively engage in making images themselves when they hear a good story. Their imaginations are enriched and stimulated, and the material becomes more personal and memorable.
Adventures in Odyssey is all about great stories—and the power of the imagination. The beloved audio dramas are heard on over 700 radio stations, and AIO has recently expanded to books and devotionals—including The Imagination Station series, a fast-growing line of early chapter readers. You can check them out by downloading a FREE e-book of Imagination Station #1: Voyage with the Vikings!
This summer, Adventures in Odyssey encourages kids to write their OWN stories, as they join in ACTS: A Call to Serve! AIO is helping children use their imaginations to serve their family, community, and world this summer—maybe by sending a care package to a missionary or baking cookies for the local fire department. Check out  for details and a chance to win fabulous prizes, including a mission trip with a parent to Costa Rica!
More important than prizes are the stories your child will tell about the creative ways they served others, and how they grew as a result. And what they come up with really might change the world!

A Creative Story of Service

Fourteen-year-old Matthew, a dedicated Adventures in Odyssey fan and natural tech whiz, was inspired by a trip to the Apple store to create a smartphone app for his church. Since then, he has created 21 apps for different ministries, including his local pregnancy resource center, Joni and Friends (an international ministry for people with disabilities), and even an “Adventures in Odyssey Fan News” app! Matthew used his God-given talents and imagination to bless others through technology. Which of your kid’s unique gifts are waiting to be unleashed for God’s use?

The Giveaway!
One lucky reader will win a copy of Imagination Station books 1 - 3
Book # 1 - Voyage with the Vikings
Book # 2 - Attack in the Arena
Book # 3 - Peril in the Palace

We thoroughly enjoy this wonderful series in our home.  Good luck to all!

To enter please leave a comment sharing how your family has or plans to serve others. (one entry per person)

Winning comment will be drawn from a hat.  Please include an email or link to your blog if an email can easily be found on there.  This giveaway is open through July 12th 5:00 PM Eastern standard time.  This contest is open to U.S. residents.
    One more Free item:

·        An ACTS “Summer of Service” kit, available for download by clicking here 

Monday, May 13, 2013

A.C.T.S. summer of service with Adventures in Odyssey

I'm excited to join a 3-post tour promoting the Adventures in Odyssey's A.C.T.S. call to service this summer.  Each post will be focused on a specific theme as we learn the joy of service.  First up is the theme of Discover.  Check back as we cover the themes of Imagine and Grow in upcoming posts.  There will be a giveaways and more ideas as we Discover, Imagine and Grow in service.  

So let'start by Discovering a heart of service this summer!  

Join Adventures in Odyssey this summer to discover how fun it can be to serve others!
Adventures in Odyssey, the beloved audio series from Focus on the Family, has encouraged kids toward a stronger faith for 25 years. Whit, Connie, Eugene, and the other loveable characters from Odyssey have shared countless adventures with kids across the world in the classic audio dramas, books, videos, and devotionals, fulfilling the AIO promise to help kids discover, imagine, and grow.
This summer, Adventures in Odyssey is joining with Christian bookstores across the country, inviting kids to participate in a Summer of Service. They’re promoting the biblical message, “When you serve, everybody wins,” encouraging kids to serve their families, their communities, and their world. Whether it’s baking cookies for an elderly neighbor or putting together a care package for missionaries overseas, kids will discover that serving can be a blast! 

How the A.C.T.S. (A Call to Service) challenge and contest works:
Kids who join A.C.T.S. can pick up a service log and collect fun character stickers for hours served at participating bookstores throughout the summer, or download a serving log online at  At the end of the summer, kids can record and upload a short video telling how they serve and why they’d like to become an Adventures in Odyssey Ambassador.
A hundred winners will get the brand new AIO Album, and after online voting, two grand prize winners (one boy and one girl) will get to travel on an exciting Good-Goers Mission Based Adventure trip to another country with a parent!  The out-of-country destination will be announced on a live podcast May 22—hosted by AIO actors Katie Leigh (Connie) and Chris Anthony (Chris)—which you can watch at You don’t want to miss it!

Why serve?
Our culture puts an extravagant amount of energy into raising kids who will grow up to feel good about themselves. In schools, clubs, homes, and even at church, adults have made a decided effort to bolster children’s “self-esteem” –not by actually encouraging kids do something that’s worthwhile, but by simply telling them they are important and valuable.
At the turn of the century, researchers predicted that the next generation would respond to these efforts of raising self-esteem by being filled with optimism and civic duty. Unfortunately, recent research shows the opposite. Kids coming of age today are more self-centered, disrespectful of authority, and depressed than ever before.
In a very real way, then, the best path toward building selfless, confident children is to help and encourage them toward a growing and thriving faith in God. And that includes obedience to what God teaches—not because it makes kids feel good, although it often does—but because they’re following God’s instructions to love Him and serve others. That builds a faith they can count on and carry with them into adulthood—which is the greatest gift any parent can bestow on their child.

Weekly service ideas are available   

Click here to access a free MP3 of the Business of Busyness to listen to with your children and to also download a PDF of Weekly Service Ideas.  I love the suggestions for weekly service ideas.  I meet so many Moms that are looking just for this.  I know many of you are looking for ideas to help you teach your children the joy and importance of service.  

Monday, April 29, 2013

Hunt for the Devil's Dragon

The Hunt for the Devil's Dragon by Marianne Hering, Wayne Thomas Batson and illustrated by David Hohn is the 11th in the Imagination Station series.  I've got to repeat once again how much I really enjoy this series.  I can't believe there is only one more to go!  This is simply a refreshing series for young readers.  These books are filled with learning, history, values and excitement.  This one has a real dragon in the story; I know my kids are excited about that.  The Hunt for the Devil’s Dragon deals with the topic of bullying and more specifically standing up to bullies.  It's a tough subject and too many of our children face bullying in schools.  This would be a great read to share with a child that is dealing with this issue. It would be a great starting point to open up the discussion with your child.   It gives many examples of bullies/bullying and reinforces that you should always stand up for yourself, your friends and for what if right.  This series keeps surprising me.  I love the wealth of time periods and cultures that we’ve traveled.  The books are filled with Biblical truths.  All this packed into the adventure of a good read! 

I received a copy of the book for the purpose of this review from Tyndale Publishing. 

Friday, February 22, 2013

Humble Heart: A Book of Virtues

Humble Bumbles' Humble Heart a Book of Virtues by Amy Meyer Allen is a collection of nine stories that teach children about the Biblical virtues of; humility, love, thoughtfulness, faithfulness, mercy, encouragement, comfort, courage and joy.  The stories are bright and simple and the illustrations follow suit.  They are understandable and relatable for young children.  They are also charming and enduring for older children to enjoy and learn from as well.  There is a definition of each term at the beginning of each story and an applicable scripture verse at the end.  My children loved going through this book of virtues with me.  We read one a night during our devotion time.  There are fun features too that many children books have.  Humble honey bee can be found on each page and there is a highlighted item from the illustration on the opposite page of text like a hat or a flower which can then also be found in the illustration.  They loved playing this game as we went through the stories.  This is definitely a book we will read time and time again. 

I received a copy of this book from Tyndale Publishing for the purpose of this review.

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