Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Classic book of the month - June 2010

There are so many classic children's picture books out there that I wanted to add to my slowly growing list of favorite books. But I'm hesitant to because I know lots of people are already very familiar with these books. So I've decided that I might try to post one classic book review a month.

This was an overwhelming task, so many to choose from and which should be I decided to go with one that we currently are enjoying from our local library. It's Petunia by Robert Duvousin and was first published in 1950. I grew up reading this book and am now enjoying sharing it with my kids. Even better our library had a copy that came on cd. I highly recommend checking out books on cd from time to time. We've started getting 2-3 of them each time we go to the library.

Petunia is a silly goose that is until she discovers a book. With the book tucked under her wing she becomes prouder and prouder of what a wise goose she must be, after all she does have a book now. After offering up misguided advice and the farm yard narrowly escaping disaster Petunia learns a lesson in where true wisdom comes.

We checked this book out because I'm following my own suggestion and going through a character trait a week from the God's Little Boys/Girls books by Elizabeth George. Use this link or just scroll down a post or two. We're not following in order to the traits as they go in the book. First, because I have a boy and girl and am trying to merge the lessons from each into relatable ones and second I wanted to start with the first lesson from the book of Proverbs itself. That God's little boys and girls are wise. Petunia fits this study perfectly and has made a great supplementary read to our focus on wisdom this week.

I hope you share this classic with your little ones!


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  2. Not familiar with "Petunia," but it looks sweet. And I totally have to get the Oliver book you wrote about below...for my little nephew Oliver. Thanks for the recommendations!

    P.S. Your blog look is so sweet!

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  4. I remember this book -- love the cover. I am too scattered to ever be systematic about my read-aloud choices, but it seems like a cool idea.

  5. As a former school teacher and lover of children's books, (especially "picture" books) I will be looking forward to your reviews.

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  6. How cute!!! My girls love stories with animals as the main characters. :)

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  9. great review, as always. i love that you are scanning kids books and saving me the job. :) i've got quite the list developed now. (and, as a side note, YAY for you with all your followers and readers! great job, michelle!)

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