Sunday, August 1, 2010

August Classic Book- Blueberries for Sal

Take a journey back to simpler times with Blueberries for Sal by Robert McCloskey which was first published in 1948. This is a sweet story of Sal and her Mom as they head for their annual blueberry picking at Blueberry Hill, to get blueberries to can for winter. Kuplink, kuplank, kuplunk go the berries into Sal's metal bucket but Sal being young eats more berries than she picks and has a hard time staying with Mom.

A mother bear and her cub are also out to enjoy the blueberries and there's a bit of a mix up as Sal and the cub wander. But not to worry both Mama bear and Sal's Mom know better than to stay close to a person/bear respectively. Sal's Mom hears the familiar Kuplink, kuplank, kuplunk and finds Sal doing what else, eating blueberries. The illustrations are simple black and white line drawings and have a wonderful old fashioned, vintage quality. I love the beautiful illustrated vistas of the sweeping mountainside.

I grew up picking blueberries from our own blueberry shrubs in our yard and I'm so looking forward to planting blueberries at our current home but until then we'll enjoy Upick outings and blueberries make a great Upick outing. Check out this site; to find Upick farms near you and what crops and fruit that they have available and when. Blueberries are usually in season starting in July and ending in early September though this varies from place to place.

Check and see if you can get a copy on CD or if your library carries one for even more reading fun.


  1. We just went blueberry picking yesterday! We made a blueberry pie. It was the last weekend of the season which surprised me b/c i thought it lasted longer. Luckily we picked 5 pounds!

  2. I love that book! One of my favorites!

    xo Erin

  3. I absolutely adore Robert McCloskey's books. How I wish he wrote more!! Most of his books - One Morning in Maine, Blueberries, Make Way for Ducklings, Lentil - we've already worn through one copy and we're on our second copy.

    With 7 kids - and all are book worms - I think a good book purchase is well worth every penny! Much better than any toy!! Thanks for this review!!

  4. We love this book too! I'm going to have to find it and reread it to my girls. Thanks for commenting on my blog today. :) Visiting too from MIngle MOnday.

  5. I read many, many children's books to my kids over the years, but that was one of my all-time favorites, as were all the Robert McCloskey books! I think that one and 'One Morning in Maine,' and 'Make Way for Ducklings.' Wonderful stories and drawings!

  6. Great post! That was always one of my favorite books ... and thanks for the Upick farms link! Happy Mingle Monday!

  7. I loved this book as a child, and I love it even more as an adult. But I just realized that my kids have never heard it. Thanks for the reminder!

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  9. Thanks for the suggestion. I will have to go check out the book.
    Thanks for stopping by too.

  10. Looove blueberries and loooove vintage books. :) Thanks for the visit. :)

  11. I always LOVED this book! So sweet!

  12. We just got that one!!! It's great!
    Bonnie :)