Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Basket Full of Kisses

Valentine's Day is coming up so I wanted to share some of our favorite reads for the Holiday. Today, I've grouped some of our favorite Valentine books that all focus on kisses.

If Kisses Were Colors by Janet Lawler and illustrated by one of my favorites Alison Jay. A mother shares with her child that if kisses were colors, pebbles, comets, flowers and so on that there would be an abundance of each. The mother concludes that her kisses are her way of showing her love. It's a heartwarming, simple book that is a shower of love to share with your own little ones. The illustrations are gentle and soft perfectly complimenting this story done in Alison Jay's usual folk art, crackle style.

Counting Kisses by Karen Katz is a perfect Valentine's read for even the youngest of kids. A family helps lull their baby to sleep by counting down kisses starting with 10 kisses on babies toes all the way to 1 kiss on baby's head. Sure to fill your little one with love and giggles!

Next up is Kiss Kiss! by Margaret Wild and illustrated by Bridget Strevens-Marzo. Bold, colorful and lush illustrations of jungle animals and their parents accompany this story of a little hippo in such a hurry to start his day that he forgets to do something very important. But all along the way he gets reminders and he hurries home to give his Mom a kiss. My two are often in a hurry to get to their school or play dates that I don't even get a goodbye. I love this great little reminder to say goodbye and that a kiss is nice too.

If Animals Kissed Good Night by Ann Whitford Paul and illustrated by David Walker is a wonderful good night book close to this little basket of books. Soft, but vibrant pictures of baby animals and their parents kissing goodnight fill this book. The story is of a Mom tucking in her own little one as they wonder together how the different animals might say goodnight. Each kiss shares traits with the animal. One of our favorites is the sloths that kiss so slow that we have to check back in throughout the story to see if they have finished.

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  1. Sweet kisses books! I need to get one of those for my babies.