Monday, March 28, 2011


Spring is one of my favorite seasons but I also really enjoy the in between time of change from one season to the next. So as we are changing into spring I thought I'd share some of my favorite books about the seasons. First up is Listen Listen by Phillis Gershator and illustrated by Alison Jay. If you've been following along my blog this pick probably isn't one of much surprise. I'm hooked on anything written or illustrated by Alison Jay. This is no exception. Jay's beautiful,serene and of course crackled artwork accompanies rhyming text that invites you to listen to all the sounds as the seasons change. On the last page for a season you are invited to find the sights of that seasons with a list of items. It's a charming read.

Next I'm going to highlight another book of one of my favorite illustrators. It's called All Year Long by Kathleen W. Deady and illustrated by Linda Bronson. This book takes us through the year with a little girl and her family as the enjoy favorite activities of the different seasons. The collage art is lively and fun.

Last up is a brand new book of the seasons published by Kane Miller/Usborne books and is from France. It's aptly titled Seasons by Anne Crausaz. The illustrations are simple yet bold with an emphasis on an adorable little girl as she explores each season. The book takes the reader through each season with a emphasis on our senses with the tastes and sites that each new season brings. It's another beautiful, charming read to share the celebration and wonder of the ever changing seasons.


  1. Those look like great books! I love all the seasons we have here in NW Wisconsin, it's just that the winter one is way longer than the others.

  2. That third one looks really cool. I love that it incorporates the senses. Very nice. Reminds me of honeysuckle in the summer in the south.