Thursday, January 11, 2018

Family Game Night!

Salutations!  I wanted to share just a bit again about why I blogged and why I am back to it now.  I love sharing my passion for children's books but it is also to have a catalog of all our favorite reads from over the years for my own memory all in one place.  So I have a lot of work to do!  We are BIG library fans so many of the fantastic books that we have found do not grace our personal shelves.  Also well loved favorites become well worn, or get lost or donated when out grown over time. 

Today I have a little different of a focus for my subject for this post and am going to be more broad then just books going forward.  I may include a favorite games, toys, activities, crafts, trips and all sorts of great memories that I want to save here. 

So often I see on the mommy pages I frequent request for favorite games so I thought I'd start a fun little post series aptly titled Family Game Night.  I plan to go back to the younger ages and of course share those that frequent our game time picks right now.   I wanted to start with the new hot game of the moment in our house.  We got it last summer for my daughter's birthday and it is still going strong.  It's called Sleeping Queens, and is a Gamewright game.

Sleeping Queens 10th Anniversary Tin Card Game

It's a card game played with two decks of specialty cards.  The goal is to wake up queens until someone collects 5 queens or reaches 50 points.  Each queen collected has a point value.  There's lots of fun twists to the play such as stealing a queen from another player or putting someone else's
queen back to sleep.  Game play is fairly quick and easy.  It's recommended 8 and up for 2-5 players.  Younger players could play if they have a grasp of simple addition as there is some adding beyond totaling the points of your queens that helps with your game play strategy.

Another fun note is that it was created youngpreneur who at the age of 6 invented this game! There's note in the instruction explaining all about her and how she came up with the idea.  I love this!

Hope you enjoy as much as we do should you decide to add it to your family game night line up!  

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