Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Birthday Book

I'm nervously giddy about writing my first blog post here! I recently attended a DaySpring Blessings Unlimited Party at non-other than The Nester's home. I met a bunch of amazing women, learned about an amazing new product line and got inspired to get busy and give blogging a try.

So I've decided to write a blog about book reviews, primarily children book reviews. How boring right? Well maybe not if you find some great books along the way. What I love about blogs is when someone writes about something they are passionate about and shares it with us. I have found so many recommendations for just about everything; new products, creative ideas, and so on. This actually saves me a lot of time and research. So hopefully I'll help shortcut you to some great reads to check out at your local library, add to your collection or use as a gift idea.

My first review is going to be on a Blessing Unlimited book that I actually got for free, yes for FREE, from Nester's party. They were more than generous hosts! Oh and the best part to kick off my blog, Nester is having a link for those of us who blog and attended the event.

It’s called The Birthday Book and I fell in love with it the instant it was presented. I'm not a scrapbooker but I wanted too and desire to keep memories of the children as they grow. Perfect solution an already pre-made book, complete with places for photos, lots of room to write down memories, funny things said, a pocket for each year for mementos, notes, cards, art work and probably my favorite an interview page for you to chat with your little one each year and record these memories. What a fun tradition and I'm looking forward to starting it! It has many more features and goes from 1st Birthday to 18th Birthday, though I do wonder how interested my 15 year olds will be in still taking their Birthday interviews. But I hope they are and that we have that kind of relationship where we enjoy talking and sharing with one another and our family has many time honored traditions such as this one that my kids always look forward too.


  1. It was a lovely party indeed! I think the venue you have chosen, book reviews, is excellent!

  2. Whooo-hooo! Michelle is blogging! Welcome to the fun!
    It was SO great seeing you at The Nester's party!
    I can't wait to see your reviews! I'm so excited to get my own Birthday Book, I think I will end up ordering one for all of my kids!
    Great review & can't wait to see more!

  3. I am excited to get hooked on your new blog! Nester's Gathering was just wonderful, so much fun to meet so many bloggers out there.

  4. Hey Michelle - it was so great to meet you at Nester's party! love the background you chose for your cute!!

    I loved the Birthday Book...such a great idea for kids! Know you'll enjoy it!