Wednesday, June 30, 2010

July Classic Book - Harold and the Purple Crayon

I just could not resist adding this book to my list. It's one of my absolute favorites. I actually didn't grow up reading this book; I'm sure we read it once or twice from the library but it was not one of the books that I was read a lot as a child. It is one my two read all the time.

For those unfamiliar here's a short review of, Harlod and the Purple Crayon, by Crockett Johnson. It is a simple story matched by simple illustrations that holds an unbounded sense of adventure. This is definitely a key example of a read that does more with less, so much more. Young Harold and his beloved purple crayon set off one night on a moonlight walk. Only there's no moonlight so Harold draws a moon, oh and there's no path so he simply draws that too. His walk takes him far and away, there are a few missteps along the way, fun times and eventually he is lost but don't worry young Harold always keeps his wits about him. Harold finally remembers where his bedroom window can be found just in time to draw up his bed and blanket and drift off to sleep.

But wait there's more, Scholastics' has a DVD version of Harold and the Purple Crayon with a collection of several other children's books made into short films.

HBO Family also has taken the tales of Harold and the Purple Crayon to DVD format, narrated by Sharon Stone. These stories are not an exact retelling of the classic story as the Scholastics' version is, though they are very enjoyable.

Crockett Johnson wrote several other tales of Harold and later Liz Baker has continued on the stories of Harold and the Purple Crayon based on the HBO series.

Truly a classic read that is sure to spark imaginations both young and old.

But there's more, my kids take to sidewalk chalk when they too want to go on an adventure like Harold. It’s a simple game we play where they draw and I make up stories of what they are drawing and what adventure they are on. So I wanted to share a few links to chalk making tutorials to add to the fun of your own adventures with Harold. First Alpha Mom has a how to make sidewalk chalk stars. Second ohdeedoh has a tutorial on making sidewalk chalk paint for more creative fun. And of course Martha Stewart's site has a sidewalk chalk tutorial as well.


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  4. I think its so cool that your kids have found a way to be like Harold! I always wanted to draw my own world, but didn't have the imagination that your kids do! So cool!

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