Sunday, July 18, 2010

Hands-On Bible, NLT

The revised Hands-On Bible, NLT takes young readers on an adventure through the Bible with games, activities, recipes, interesting fun facts and more. These hands-on activities help engage kids in learning about the Bible and in doing so helps them understand and remember more. Each book of the Bible begins similar to a study Bible with a section about the book. Much like a study Bible it shares what the book is about, highlights what you will be reading about like key Bible stories of that book and a timeline of events including additional historical events. But the information is geared to a younger audience and reading level. The hands-on activities pop up throughout the text as you read through the Bible relating to the various passages your child is reading. It really makes a great family Bible to read through with your child.

I am impressed by the quality, quantity and creativity of the activities in this book. When reading about hospitality there is a recipe for your children to serve as they host their friends, so they can practice what it means to be hospitable or in Genesis for the creation story a suggested activity is to make your own modeling clay (recipe included) and then come up with your own 'creation' of an animal, plant or rock. I love practicable applications for learning. This is our first Bible for the kids that is not a picture Bible. I like that it’s an actual copy of the Bible just packed with lots of engaging and educational extras to keep young kids' attention and enhance their understanding of the Bible.

I received a free copy of this copy from Tyndale Publishing's review program. The opinions expressed in this review are my own and I was not required to provide a positive review.


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  3. I love the concept of a hands-on Bible! It fits with Montessori concepts of hands-on learning and just seems like a fun way for young children to enjoy studying the Bible.

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