Friday, July 30, 2010

Summer Reading Usborne Style-The Preschool years

Continuing today with my Usborne Books summer reading picks series. Up next are my preschool picks. As I've shared in the past I love to theme read with my kids. What I mean by that is pick a topic and check out all kinds of books at the library on that topic, much like a unit type study. Usborne books are perfect for this type of reading/learning style. During the summer we love to do themes that apply to this season of the year so lots of books on gardening, bugs, summer animals, the beach, the farm and so on make our list each summer.

I decided the best way to share some great summer reading picks and illustrate what theme reading is for me is by picking a couple of the topics we've been reading about here: the beach and bugs both make wonderful summer studies and fun! You will see from each set that there is a mix of stories, educational reads, non-fiction and activity books.

Ages 3 & up :
Reads about the beach and ocean-

Okay, I know this is book overload here today but this is seriously not even close to ALL the books that Usborne carries on these topics as well as other topics that would be great for summer that I didn't cover. So here goes starting in the left top hand corner.

Top Row: What's Happening at the Seaside?, by Heather Amery, illustrated by Stephen Cartwright. An educational activity book with questions to ask your little one, things to count, what's out of place and of course Cartwright's little yellow duck to spot on each page.

Seashore, a great non-fiction read to learn facts about the seashore and the inhabitants there. Written at a beginners reading level so makes a great practice reading book too.

How Deep is the Sea? by Anna Milbourne. One of Usbornes picture book series, I've hightlighted this series before and you will not be disappointed. Join Pipkin the Penguin as he discovers how deep the see is and the underwater friends you will meet along the way.

Middle Row: On the Seashore, by Anna Milbourne. This is another picture book about a young girl and her day at the seashore. Join her as she watches the sea creep up the beach and the wonderful things it leaves behind when it slips back away.

Under the Sea, by Anna Milbourne. A picture book that takes you and your little ones on a dive under the sea for a glimpse of all the underwater wonders there to behold.

On the Beach, by A. Smith and L. Howell. From the lift the flap book series, this book will help you 'uncover' fascinating seashore sights. The illustrations are that gorgeous, come on have a peek!

Bottom Row: Little Fish, by Sanne te Loo. A wonderful Children's picture book from the Netherlands about a little girl who rescues a little fish from a pelican. This is a Kane Miller book and Kane Miller books are now only available through Usborne Book Consultants such as myself.

Dot to Dot on the Seashore, by Karen Bryant-Mole. This makes a great activity accompaniment to your under the sea reads. You will not be disappointed in Usborne dot to dots, I have heard and have nothing but great compliments for this series.

First Sticker Book: Vacation, by Jessica Greenwell. Another wonderful complimentary activity book. Your little one will delight in bringing the pages of this book to life with over 150 fun stickers to add to the pages.

Bug reads-

Top Row: Bugs, by Lucy Bowman. This non-fiction reading level 1 book is filled with all kinds of creepy-crawly things and lots of fascinating facts about them.

Creepy Crawlies, by Sarah Khan. One of the titles in the lift the flap series. This beautifully illustrated book will engage the youngest of readers with each page filled with different bugs, flaps and all sorts of interesting facts.

Butterflies, by Kate Davies. A non-fiction, first read all about the thousands of different butterflies there are from all over the world.

Middle Row: The Butterfly, by Anna Milbourne. One of the titles in the beautiful picture book series, this book takes you into the garden where hungry caterpillars are busy crunching and munching. Follow along with these amazing bugs as they transform into beautiful butterflies.

Honey: A Gift from Nature, by Yumiko Fujiwara. Kane Miller publishing brings you this delightful read from Japan. Learn all about how honey is made, how bee keepers care for their bees and collect the honey, how different flowers change the flavor and color of the honey and more.

In Front of the Ant, by Ryuichi Kuwahara. Come along as you journey at an ants eye level perspective from the Kane Miller collection.

Bottom Row: I'm a Pill Bug, by Yukihisa Tokudal. Is a wonderful picture book from Japan and Kane Miller. This story is told in the first person from the pill bug's point of view accompanied by simple lovely torn-paper collages.

Backyard Look and Say, by Jo Litchfield and Matt Durber. We do most of our bug spoting and watching out in the yard. This brightly illustrated board book takes you on a backyard adventure to spot and name all types of animals, bugs and objects from around the yard.

Box of Bugs, by Peter Scott. Well now you've read and learned about them, time for some more hands on fun with this puzzle box of bugs. It includes six bug-shaped four-piece jigsaw puzzles.

Check back soon for my ages 6 & up picks

Due to number of selections covered, I opted not to include other titles available in the various series. Series usually have several different topics and books in them. Also several listed titles are internet referenced for additional information and resouces. As always if you would like to order any of these books or have any questions regarding Usborne books and Kane Miller please contact me.


  1. How Deep is the Sea and Under the Sea look like great books, and then to follow up by taking the kids to the New England Aquarium in Boston! Our whole family loved that field trip! I love the idea of Pipkin the Penguin guiding you through the mysteries of The Great Underwater.

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier (via NFF) and leaving such lovely comments! I'm glad you did, because now I've found your great blog!

    I also have a love of books (including children's), and have recently joined Book Sneeze.

    I am now happy to be your newest follower!



  3. Oh we LOVE Usborne books - we have the Down By the Seashore book and also On The Moon, a family favorite. :)

    Thank you for sharing your recommendations - I'm starring this post in my reader so I can refer to it around Christmas time.

    Counting Coconuts

  4. Eek, Hi Michelle. I found the sweetest comment in my spam folder today ... it was from you :) I'm so sorry I didn't see it until now but boy am I glad I did. I'm planning to homeschool my preschoolers this year and I can already tell your site will be a huge help! Thanks for stopping by from NFF, I was surprised by how few folks stopped by :(. Looking forward to reading more of your posts and finding some books to share with the kids.

  5. What a great post! Usborne books are wonderful – and it’s nice to see so many themed recommendations in one place.

  6. Thanks Deb! I'm so glad it was not overload and you liked seeing the related books and products. I hope to do a few more of these as this is one of my favorite features of Usborne books and their wonderful selection!

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