Monday, August 30, 2010

Emily and Albert

Well the school year is here. One of my fond memories of returning to school was getting to return to friends. So I thought I'd feature a fun little BFF picture book, Emily and Albert, by Jan Ormerod and illustrated by David Slonim. Join the adventures of Emily and Albert in this five chapter book of the give and takes of friendship. Emily and Albert couldn't be more different from one another. Emily is dramatic and opinionated to Albert's calm, easy going ways. The balance works out just great for these two. The chapter list includes: Noses, Hiccups, Dancing, Feeling Better and, my favorite, A Good Book. I love all the personality that David Slonim adds to this twosome through his cartoon illustrations.


  1. Cute! Sounds like me and my husband. ;)

  2. Looks like a great book, Michelle! My kids always loved books like that growing up. It’s interesting that even though they loved books about best friends with different personalities, their real-life best friends always had a lot in common with them!