Monday, August 16, 2010

Good Knight Sleep Tight

Yet another happy library find. Good Knight Sleep Tight by David Melling will capture your imagination and tickle your funny bone. I would like to start with a little on the illustrations. In my opinion illustrations are more important than the story of a picture book. A good story line can also carry a picture book but after all these are called picture books so the illustrations are where it’s at for me. This book delivers both a good storyline and wacky, whimsical illustrations that do what all great picture books should do. They add even more to the storyline than the written words tell. There are numerous cast of characters to be watched in the tapestries of the castle and on the Good Knights shield. The Good Knight is accompanied by a lion on his shield that has his own activities and actions going on as they go along their quest, so be sure to keep an eye on him.

This is a great read especially if you are about to welcome a new little baby to your family. The story is about just that. A young prince is not to impressed with his new baby sister. All is going along okay until her favorite royal pillow is destroyed and the Good Knight is called on to re-stuff the royal pillow so that peace and quiet will be once again restored to the castle. In the end the little prince’s attention and care is all that is needed for the little princess to be satisfied. I think it’s a great lesson for older siblings on how much their new little brothers and sisters look up to and adore them too.


  1. Sounds like a great storyline especially designed for the older siblings. I agree with you on art work. There are many picture books I've purchased over the years specifically because of the art work. It's important to me, and obvious, when illustrators have read and understood the book, thus enhancing its message by their art work.

  2. Oh my, this sounds wonderful! I'm jotting this one down as a great big brother big sister book for friends expecting another little one.

    I'm so glad you joined in on Mingle Monday! I hope you have a great week.


  3. I'm going to have to look for this one. I love books, and am trying to get my kids to love books too!

    I found you through Meet & Greet Monday and am now following!

  4. You have to tell me your secret to finding time to read and blog. My books cry everytime I pass it. lol

    Thanks for following and commenting. Im following back.

  5. Thanks for visiting and joining my site as well! Great question, though I’m not sure I have any revolutionary secrets to share. How I make time to read and blog is this:

    1. I grew up with my nose in a book so I’ve got lots to pick and choose from to review without even having to pick one up. This is something I enjoy doing and writing about so it’s pretty quick and painless. I’m a pretty fast reader too which doesn’t hurt. Thus why I decided to go with book reviews. My selection process went something like this: I’m uncomfortable sharing about family online, I’m actually an Architect by profession but a stay at home Mom now. I’m not great with the camera and I DO stress about it when I have tried to do a post on design. I’m actually a crafty girl but I’m a slow crafter and again photography not a strong suit so cross all those off the list…I hope see what I’m getting at. I picked something that comes easy for me.
    2. I’m an easy critic on myself. I don’t fret too much about my frequent run on sentences, other grammatical errors and I just write what I think. I don’t try to make it too impressive and complicated for myself.
    3. I hold it lightly; I’m not required by myself or anyone else to write any certain number of posts. I can post zero to however many a week.
    4. You will come to see I post A LOT about children’s books. It’s 90% of what I’m reading these days with my kids so that’s what I write about.
    5. I learned from a wise Mom when my first was born about parallel play. If I want to read, I can start by reading a couple with my two or just set them up with a stack of books right next too me to dive into themselves. My children LOVE books too. I think making time too and reading books yourself is a great way to model that reading is fun and something to make time for to your kids. It’s bonus all around if you ask me.
    6. My husband is currently working pretty long hours, so I get up when he does and write a few posts or read if I’ve got the time for that, that morning and then he often works at home after the kids go to bed so I get busy myself. I rarely watch TV these days and finding all kinds of time to get things done.
    7. I write a bunch of posts when I have the time and then space out the posting of them.

    Hope this helps!

  6. Its great that you found your nitch. I started blogging to workout the cobwebs in the writing department. After all these years of ignoring my passion. Then got hit with the blogging addictive bug and wanted to write about too many topics. lol I'm now calming down and refocusing on limiting the topics.

    As far as reading I love reading to the kids. I love that my older kids have the love I do for reading and writing. Now I'm hoping the twins will too.

    As for the tv, I think the twins take up more time than the tv does. But I can see room there to cut it down.

    How great your an architect. You are crafty and creative. To me that is a great combo! I wouldn't stress out too much about photography. I'm not that good yet but its overall a fun process and great creative outlit.

    Thanks for taking the time to comment back. I hope you have a great day!