Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sometimes I Swirl - I won!

So I actually won, one of the lovely blog giveaways that I entered! It was hosted by Amanda at Serenity Now and it was for the art work of Sarah Hennessey. She has the lovely Etsy shop Sometimes I Swirl. Don't you love that name! She says she's inspired by the art work of Paul Klee one of my favorite artist so it's no wonder I love her art work. The two pieces I selected with my gift certificate were:

This 5x7 drawing titled - Teal and Blue Abstract Flowers

And this 5x7 drawing titled - Blue, Navy, Teal Ink Drawn Flower Garden

Aren't they gorgeous? I seriously can not stop staring at them. I had shared with Sarah in my selection that I had thought that I would order the Crooked City. Being an Architect, prior to becoming a SAHM, I am just drawn to architectural drawings and love ones with a touch of whimsy. Or in this case a good dose of whimsy:-) But that we desperately needed art work for our Master Bedroom that we are working on and just fell in love with her teal and blue pieces. Our MB color schemes are dark browns, grey and teal. I could not be happier with how they fit in!

So what does Sarah do? She sends me the Crooked City print in addition to the two I won!!! That just floored me. Isn't it amazing?? It'll go in our living room. We love decorating with our architectural books and I'm sure it will be a great conversation piece of art! Sarah, is not only very talented but so generous!

I was a little nervous picking out pieces on my own. My Husband has a great eye for art and is very opinionated about what pieces we select. He LOVED them!! We have even tentatively talked about the possibility of seeing if Sarah could create larger pieces to go over the MB bed. I think they would be lovely. We've been on the hunt for art work that was abstract, in the blues/teals color scheme and floral. Check, check, check. Maybe for Christmas or our next anniversary....


  1. How AWESOME! Yay for you, I'm so glad that you won!!! And I agree with Michael, you did a GREAT job selecting the prints! They are gorgeous & so fun to have new artwork AND a special story behind it! Whoo-hoo!

  2. yay you won! thats absolutely gorgeous!!

  3. Oh, yes, you must have a large canvas in dark browns, grey and teal--it will be beautiful!

    Love the pictures you chose!

  4. congrats what a nice win! stopping by from ifellowship!

  5. Congratulations! Have fun choosing more!

  6. Oh wow! She is so talented. I LOVE them. Its so much fun to win giveaways.