Monday, October 18, 2010

The Costume Copycat, Queen of Halloween & Stinky Face

I wanted to share a trio of fun Halloween reads that have great learning opportunities too.

Being a younger sibling this story resonates with me! It was a lucky library find from just last year and we will be sure to enjoy it again this Halloween season. It's called The Costume Copycat by Maryann MacDonald and illustrated by Anne Wilsdorf. Dressing up is a year round favorite of ours though we do still wait with much anticipation for Halloween. We love the excitement of pondering over what to be and then the best way to achieve that. Oh, how I can relate to the wanting to have the perfect costume! Poor Angela is always being upstaged by her big sister, Berdandette's costume. So the next year she always decides to be what Berdandette had been the year before, thus the title 'the costume copycat'. It isn't until Angela finally gets fed up with being a copycat and comes up with her own unique costume that she really shines! It's another out of print title, but there are used and new copies available online and be sure to check out your library for a copy too.

Another Halloween read that we like to get from the library each year is one of Mary Engelbreit's Anne Estelle stories Queen of Halloween. Have you met Anne Estelle? In this Halloween story her and her best friend Michael head out to trick or treat on Halloween night. Both want to be brave as they are growing up but both are still a little scared. Its a great little read about friendship and courage that I think is a great staple to read each year with my two. The illustrations are whimsical and wonderfully detailed. I must confess I am a huge fan of Mary Engelbreit's art work.

Mary Engelbreit has written and illustrated an entire series about this little girl including: Queen of Christmas, Queen of Easter, Queen of Hearts, and Queen of the Class.

Last up from author Lisa McCourt and illustrator Cyd Moore 'Stinky Face' series is Happy Halloween Stinky Face. Similar to this duo's first book I Love you Stinky Face you have the Mama of little Stinky lovingly calming his concerns only this time about all the things that might go wrong on Halloween. It's not about scary, creepy stuff either. He's mostly concerned about his friends and what might happen because of the costumes like what if his one friends' costume turns into a real butterfly and she flies up into the sky? With each of the concerns they are matched with a solution from his Mama that involves his friends figuring it out or helping one another.


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  5. My kids and I just discovered The Costume Copycat at the library recently. We LOVED it! Such a cute book :)
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