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A Friend in the Storm by Cheryl Ricker, book review, interview and a giveaway!

A Friend in the Storm by Cheryl Ricker is a lovely collection of quotes, scripture verses and original poetry focused on times of storm in our lives. A single quote and scripture verse always accompanies Ms. Ricker's poetry and related through the topic of the poem. The poems are short, just two stanzas and most are written from the point of view of the Lord speaking/comforting you with His promises. They are beautifully written and gentle in tone. The term 'heartfelt' has been used a lot in the description of this book and I would have to agree. The book takes you on a journey from some of the lowest times and concludes with the finding of hope, bliss, freedom and the last poem is aptly titled 'Complete'. Ms. Ricker covers a great quantity of topics, 45 to be exact, in this little book and I wish there was an index to help with a quick look up of verse to suit a specific need. This little book would make a lovely gift book for anyone going through a difficult time in their lives.

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1. What do you enjoy most about writing poetry?

I love communing with God while I write. Nothing beats those ah-ha moments when He gives me a fresh insight. As a poet, I love when truth collides with metaphor and rhyme. I get excited when I can draw a word picture with soothing sounds that makes truth memorable.

2. Did anything happen in your life that made you more interested in the topic of pain?

A lot of things happened. Many I can’t get into; but I will say that I was sick a lot as a child. I had bad allergies and asthma, but I was also emotionally sick. For years I struggled with fears, phobias, over-sensitivities, rejection and depression.

Pain followed me into marriage. My husband and I had to work out a lot of tough issues for several years. We’ve had a lot of serious issues with our children too. Because of that, though, we love to help others. It’s like Christ says in one of my poems: “My comfort pours new life in you, in perfect time for others too.”

The fact is, I don’t think I could talk about hope and healing without first talking about pain and suffering. It’s universal. It’s the gate to talking about Christ’s healing love and transformative power, which we know is for available, everyone.

3. How would you describe your book?

A Friend in the Storm is a personal conversation between God and a hurting person. It’s a healing treasury of quotes, Scripture and poetry that leads to lasting hope. It covers forty-five hope-related topics and takes readers on a healing journey through the stages of grief before it crescendos with the splendor of Heaven.

4. Why did you choose A Friend in the Storm as your title?

It’s had several different titles, but this one definitely describes it best. Christ wants to be our friend in the storm. He offers comfort like no other. Besides, He’s the only one who can truly say, “I’ve been there. I understand.”

I also like the title because the book itself is a friend in the storm, a valuable companion people can reach for in the dark.

5. How is A Friend in the Storm different than other gift books with quotes, Scriptures and poetry?

Most gift books with quotes, Scripture and poetry are written by multiple authors with multiple styles and points of view, so they don’t have the same continuity and flow. Because A Friend in the Storm is written by a single voice, it flows like a story. It’s not just a mish mash of broken thoughts and ideas. There’s a logical progression

6. How do you describe your style of poetry?

It’s a cross between traditional rhyming poetry and literary poetry. My poems have internal rhyme, end rhyme, sound-bonding, alliteration, and lots of metaphors and similes.

They’re light ‘n tight; deep, but also easily understandable.

Please check out Cheryl's amazing website for more information.

Now on to the giveaway!! Many of you may have noticed the link I added in my sidebar a few days back. During this book blog tour period for 'A Friend in the Storm' Cheryl Ricker is holding a Kindle giveaway. Here's the link to enter and good luck!

Share Your Storm Kindle Giveaway
Share Your Storm Kindle Giveaway

I recieved a copy of this book from LitFuse Publicity for the purpose of this review. The opinions expressed are 100% my own and I was not required to write a favorable review.


  1. Oh, Michelle, this looks like one I will want to buy. Don't know if it is available on Kindle but for some reason, it looks like the kind of book I would want to hold in my hands.

    Thanks for your sweet comment. I always look forward to hearing from you.


  2. I completely agree with the beautiful lady above me! it totally looks like the kind of book you want to hold in your hands. Great interview!

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  4. Thanks Michelle!

    Love the watercolor-y feel of your blog!

    Thanks for the interview. The comments were fun too. I notice Kimberly's Canadian flag. I'm native to Canada. I actually just became a U.S. citizen a couple years ago. :))



  5. Hi Michelle, this looks like an important book with great meaning. I hope the writer will be blessed for her efforts in bringing forth.