Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A little bit batty!

We've gone a bit batty over here. Bats make a perfect topic for young ones and Halloween. Let's face it bats can be scary, they are at least to me, and who doesn't enjoy a bit of a good scare on Halloween. We stock up on bat books and also learn all about bats so they don't seem so scary anymore. Brian Lies series of Batty stories make great reads during the Halloween holiday season. Bats at the Beach, Bats at the Library and Bats at the Ballgame complete this trio of stories. The illustrations are dark and a bit eerie because they all take place at night when bats are up. But the fuzzy bats are sweetly drawn and not frightful at all. The stories share all the fun these bats have during their nights out at the beach, library or ballgame. They truly captures endearing moments, highlights and activities of these popular outings only with bat families not ours.


  1. These look like cute books!! and there are so many great illustrators out there now. I thought there was a bat wrapped up in Glad Wrap on our countertop last night, but it seems it was a roasted jalapeno pepper my husband had set there. :-) (You'd be surprised how much it looks like a bat!!!)

  2. those books do look interesting... but i'm not quite a fan of bats..:)

  3. Hi Michelle! Did you see you won our Thursday Children's Book Review giveaway? Congrats! Just contact me with your info and I'll send the book to you. :) Gwen


  4. Hopping over from iFellowship! My 6 yo announced today that she likes spiders! I asked her where this came from and why. She shared with me that they have been learning about bats, spiders and other Halloween-y type of things in school.

    She said that spiders eat bad bugs like mosquitos! So I agreed with her that I too like spiders!

    Kids are so cute with their logic!

    Happy Halloween & Happy iFellowship Day!