Monday, October 11, 2010

Moon Rabbit

Along with leaves, pumpkins, fall Holidays etc the moon is one of our favorite fall reading topics and studies. The days start to grow shorter in the fall. So with the moon in the sky earlier it makes it a perfect time to study it as during the summer they are usually in bed before the moon comes up. I have a couple of our favorite 'moon' reads to share this week starting with Moon Rabbit by Natalie Russell. The story is more about friendship and home than the moon but I think it makes a fun read to add into the mix. Little Rabbit lives in the city. She loves the city, she has her own place and her favorite cafe. But she's lonely, she's the only bunny that lives in the city. She often wonders to the moon if there is a friend for her. She does find that friend in this charming story. The illustrations are equally charming. I love the simple line drawings on the colored backgrounds and prints of flowers, leaves and stars that dance across the pages. And isn't that patchwork moon lovely?

I'd also recommend checking out Natalie's Russell's follow up book featuring these two bunny friends, Brown Rabbit in the city. These books also make a fun pairing with the classic story City Mouse, Country Mouse from Aseop's Fables.


  1. hopping by to say hi and follow you!

    now I have the song- a tisket a tasket a flower making basket in my head! lol

  2. Adorable selection for the day. I am so glad I found you because honestly, while I love, love, love books, my grandchildren are in Texas and I don't have children's books here at home anymore and it isn't my favorite section to spend hours in the bookstore (though I can spend hours in other sections). Your reviews are so great and your pairing today inspires me to run out and get them for the kiddos. Thanks so much for doing what you do!

  3. Brown Rabbit in the City looks adorable. I am also loving the cute owl in your background!!! :)

  4. My kids and I always loved books like those! And the patchwork moon is so cool! Thanks for writing about the Natalie Russell books, Michelle!

  5. They sound like cute stories! :-) Especially fond of bunnies. My GSD Bridger loves them too - oops, he thinks of them more as a snack. :-O

  6. I love your selection! This one looks so cute!

    About the pumpkin face....most specialty boutiques carry her items. She has partnered with Silvestri so if you look that up sometimes it can match shops in your city. Her name is Peri Out of my mind designs is her business. Hope that helps.


  7. Since my kids are older, I miss those sweet books!
    Dropped by from SITS to say hi.

  8. They both look like such sweet books!

    Stopping by to say thank you for being a part of my SITS day! It was truly amazing!