Monday, November 1, 2010

November Classic Book - A trio of books

These three classic books will warm your heart making them great cozy reads for upcoming chilly days. All were written and illustrated by Virginia Lee Burton. All were some of my favorite reads from my childhood days and I now enjoy sharing them with my two. First up The Little House a story with many teachable lessons, one of which is being careful what you wish for. You meet the little house being built, having a good life where she's loved and cared for but she is curious about the city lights in the distance only to find herself one day surrounded by the city that has overtaken the area. She finds herself neglected and forgotten. I love the lesson too of finding beauty and worth in the old house, as she is once more loved and cared for by the great great grandaughter of her original owner. Beautiful illustrations with lots of details show the changes of seasons and a slice through history as times change and so does the transportation and landscape of America.

Next up is Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel an inseparable, unstoppable team. With great skill and work ethic Mike Mulligan and his steam shovel have completed many big construction projects. They soon are forgotten though as new, bigger and better machines take over the construction jobs. Mike Mulligan never gives up in his beloved steam shovel, Mary Anne, and knows her true worth. Both these stories are full of nostalgia as well as finding value and reuse for everything.

And last is Katy and the Big Snow a magical winter tale of Katy and the Highway Department. It's a heoric tale of how Katy saved the day after the town was buried under a big snow storm. Katy is determined to get the job done. I've always loved the illustrations of the town being uncovered more and more by Katy until the final page where the whole plowed city can be seen. Burton's detailed drawings and illustrations will delight your young readers! I debated about adding Choo Choo to this collection but think I'll save that one for another day!


  1. Those are among my very favorite kids' books. We have all three, pretty old editions, sitting under the window seat. They're timeless stories that kids just love!! :-)

  2. I think I would love The Little House! Looks GREAT!

    Loooooove the owl background! So cute!

  3. I LOVE those books! I just have the best memories of sitting cuddled up on the sofa with my children, reading those stories that never grow old.