Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Marvelous Toy

I thought I'd share a fun book about a toy today. As my two are enjoying their new Christmas toys this book came to mind, it's called The Marvelous Toy by Tom Paxton and illustrated by Steve Cox. It's based on a song written by American Folk singer and writer, Tom Paxton. See Youtube clip below to hear this song preformed by Peter, Paul and Mary. The illustrations are bold, bright and whimsical as they capture these lyrics beautifully into a picture book. The story is about a little boy who receives an unusual gift from his father. He is amazed by this toy though not quite sure what it is. The chorus lines go: "It went zip! when it moved/And bop! when it stopped/And whirr! when it stood still./I never knew just what it was,/And I guess I never will." The story ends as the now grown boy passes on the marvelous toy to his own son. It's a great book to share some delight and wonder with your young readers.


  1. I loved that song! I even liked Peter, Paul, and Mary, until they'd lived several lifetimes on PBS fund raisers. :-)

    Looks like a darling book!

  2. What a cute book. It's your joy of reading and sharing it in your blog is the reason why I pick it as one of my favorite blogs of 2010.

    I hope you have a great weekend.

  3. I remember that song! Looks like such a fun book!