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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Day

I'm offering up another wordless book, this time a fun winter find. It's called Snow Day and is by Daniel Peddle. It appears to be an out of print book but we found a copy at our library to enjoy. It's a very simple book about one little boy's fun making a snowman on a winter day. The watercolor illustrations are charming and serene. The vantage point shifts from close up to far away and sky and snowscape fill much of most pages. I'm also linking up to stART today over at A Mommy's Adventure and Kids get Crafty over at Red Ted Art's Blog. Our craft to go along with this read were simple snowman collages. We made several and here's my example one and the bowls of pieces I made up for the kids to choose from.

The kid's snowman and snowwomen.


  1. What an appropriate title to post today, since just about everywhere is getting snow! :-)

  2. The book sounds like it is full of beautiful illustrations. Good job with the snowmen. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Aaah lovely! We love snowmen and it's lovely when they can choose the different parts to make up the snowman!

    Would love for you to come and link up at Kids Get Crafty - every Wednesday -


  4. That's a snowman book we've never seen before. Can't wait till we can build a real one outside. Wish it would warm up a little here!

  5. We haven't read this book. I love the snow people!

  6. I've read this one and love it. Great book!

  7. Hi,

    Thanks for coming by and commenting! I can't wait when my little ones are old enough to make snowmans. At this point they would just try to eat the papers. The older ones will just look at me as if im crazy. lol

    Have a great weekend.

  8. Loooooove your snow people! So cute! I think I remember Snow Day from a few years ago. Very pretty pictures if I'm remembering the correct book.

  9. That looks like a great snowman book! And your snowman collages are so cute - fun book/craft project!
    Deb @


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