Friday, February 11, 2011

A little book about finding love

This next book has become a Valentine's Day staple around here. It's called Bloom!: A Little Book about Finding Love by Maria Van Lieshout. Bloom has an amazing love only she doesn't realize it because she's busy following an unattainable love instead. A classic love tale indeed. The unattainable love is a blue butterfly that flutters away as butterflies do and leaves Bloom heartbroken. But her friend that has been right there all the time has a special surprise to cheer her up as really good friends often do. The illustrations are simple line drawings with swishes of watercolors. The text is as much a part of the illustrations as pictures themselves. The words are thoughtfully arranged on each page and pink.

Maria Van Lieshout has a series of these little gems including; Peep!: A Little Book about Taking a Leap, Splash!: A Little Book about Bouncing Back and Tumble!: A Little Book about Having it All. They will delight readers of all ages.


  1. These sound like very sweet books, and the line drawings with watercolor is very appealing! I've got to see these in person.

  2. I love the cover! This sounds like a great book - what a wonderful message! Thanks for sharing it, Michelle - and have a very happy Valentine's Day!
    Deb @