Thursday, March 10, 2011

Good Luck Bear

Here's a pick of mine for a fun St Patrick's Day read. It's called Good Luck Bear by Greg Foley. It's one of four Bear books. The illustrations are beautiful, simple and refreshingly charming. In this book we find bear as he discovers a three leaf clover. His friend mouse shares that if he can find a four leaf clover it means he's lucky, so the search begins. Friends come by with of course their own opinions on the matter but bear sticks with his search. The end of the story isn't about finding luck but the treasure of a good friend. I love the dedication of this book, it's 'for all those who find luck in the unexpected'.

Other books in the series include: Thank You Bear, Don't Worry Bear and I Miss You Mouse.

We don't own this book and we didn't pick up our copy to enjoy from the library. We read it online through the We Give site by The Penguin Group and The Pearson Foundation. If you haven't already heard of this program please go by and check it out. It's as simple as registering at the site and then sharing some great reads with your kids. They have books for babies through teens to choose from. For each book you read they will give a book to a campaign of your choice. There are several to choose from including Hope for Haiti, NEA - Books Across America, Jumpstart for Young Children to name just a few you can select. My two love reading books online and it is always a favorite activity when I suggest it.

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