Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Little Pim

I was offered the opportunity to review the Happy, Sad and Silly, Spanish disc 5 DVD from Little Pim. This was a very timely offer because I've been looking for a language series for my two preschoolers for awhile and have not been too happy with what I was finding. They were either too simplistic, computer game oriented or for older ages. Little Pim on the other hand is specifically and appropriatly geared towards babies, toddlers and preschoolers. If you're not familiar with Little Pim you can read more here. In addition to Spanish, Little Pim offers: French, Japanese, Italian, Chinese, Hebrew, English, German, Russian, and Arabic. Little Pim offers DVDs, music Cds and flash cards. They also have FREE downloadable companion guides and scripts for each of their DVDs. You can check out their site at www.littlepim.com.

I was impressed by the Happy, Sad and Silly, Spanish disc 5 DVD we received. There are 60 new words and phrases that they introduce in each DVD. My 4 & 5 year old were engaged with what they were watching and have been able to enjoy it for multiple viewings. Which is key because this system works through repetition. The DVDs contain multiple sections which are about 5-10 minutes long, you can select to watch all or just one at a time perfect for different ages or if you want to focus on less phrases at a time for learning. The DVDs have fun cartoons with Little Pim and his friends setting up the 'theme' of what is to be viewed in the next section. Then the DVD primarily consists of watching actual children and their parents doing everyday activities while the child hears the Spanish phrase or word that describes what is happening. I love for my children to hear the proper prounouncation and the repetition of it. There is an option for English subtitles and if I have any criticism it's that I really wish in the beginning or just during the review that English word/phase was linked audibly with the Spanish phrase. Like A cat / Un gato with the picture of the cat in the background. I watch with my two and I find myself constantly saying this for each phrase as I read off the subtitle for them. This seems like a wonderful product for language learning in the early years and I can't wait to check out more.

The DVDs also come with a card with tips for helping use Little Pim and for teaching your child another language. More ideas and tips can be found on their blog. I also loved the talking coloring book game on their website. It's a great tool for teaching colors and you can choose which language to use. I would love to see them develop games that do a similar approach to teaching counting or even other popular phrases. I love interactive learning.

If you're interested in getting Little Pim products for your little ones be sure to enter, PIMMOMMY at checkout for 15% off.


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