Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Kindergarten Picks!

I think I have a fun little post for you all today. As I've shared my son had his Birthday and is now in kindergarten. So in continued celebration of my little guy I thought is would be fun to share his own library picks and finds that he's been bringing home from school. I've been looking forward to him visiting the school library and was anxious to see what type of books he'd pick out. I must say I've been very proud of him, he's found some great books to share with us!

First up he brought home Carlos Likes Counting by Jessica Spanyol. He said he selected it because it reminded him of the 'That's Silly' pictures that are in the High Five magazines we get. It is actually a great little counting book with lots of items to count on each page of the corresponding highlighted number. My two have always enjoyed counting up items in books so we thoroughly enjoyed this one!

Next up Gumption by Elise Broach and illustrated by Richard Egielski. Just by looking at the front cover you can see why a 6 year old boy would be drawn to this one! It was another fun read about a little boy who goes on a safari adventure with his favorite uncle. Traveling on safari requires lots of gumption! It was a fun adventure for us all.

Museum Trip by Barbara Lehman was next pick. We'd read this one many times before. We love Lehman's wordless books and if you've been here before you may have heard about how I love a good wordless book. He was so proud to have found it on the shelves. This is hands down his favorite one of Lehmans, in fact he asked to keep it another week. It's about a little boy on a class trip to the museum that happens upon a secret maze room. My two love mazes and I can't wait because we'll be heading to see some corn mazes soon! If you've not checked out Barbara Lehman's books, I recommend that you do. I think they are best described as fantasy adventure wordless picture books. Other titles include: The Red Book, Rainstorm, Trainstop,and The Secret Box.

Next up was A Couple of Boys have the Best Week Ever by Marla Frazee. It's a funny little story that captures this age group of boys very well and honestly. Two young friends stay at one of their Grandparents for a week trip so that they can attend nature camp. But of course they have the most fun just being together doing, well, silly kids stuff like bouncing on the bed, playing video games, and eating sweet treats. They're kids with heart though and at the end of the book have a special surprise for their host and hostess!

Last up is David Gordon's The Three Little Rigs. This is another one that we'd previously read together from our local library and was an instant hit with my son. He loves all things that go, trucks, trains, planes, race cars and so on. Plus the original tale of the three little pigs is also a popular read with my two so the two together makes a near perfect read in my little boys mind. This book is a retelling of the classic story with rigs that must set off to build there own garages.

Well I hope you'll enjoy his library picks as much as we have. I hope to continue to add to his list here as the year progresses!


  1. These all look like so much fun! Gumption - an intriguing title. Always good for kids to expand their vocabularies. I remember learning what the word 'soporific' meant because it is in a Beatrix Potter book. (Maybe Peter Rabbit?)

  2. give your little man a high-five and tell him grady lee will have a fun new stack of reading material soon! these all look like winners.