Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Under the Sea Baby Shower~

I recently hosted a baby shower with a few other ladies and I thought it would be fun to share some of the details here on my blog. It doesn't have to be book reviews all the time, I know. Well, I was responsible for the invites and games. I actually LOVE making cards and just don't get to do it enough. The theme was 'Under the Sea' as she's having a summer baby boy and planning to do a 'Under the Sea' nursery. It all seemed to work so nicely. We went with a light blue, navy blue, light green and white color scheme and here's what I came up with for the invite-

I went with a 'bubbles of fun under the sea' theme for the design and created it in Photoshop.

For games I came up with 4 versions of more traditional type games, again in Photoshop. Here they are-

We have some amazingly smart, great with word games party guests that were in attendance so I wanted to make sure there was variety and enough challenge in each game.

First game was 'Blurbs for Baby' where guests were ask to write down advice or encouragement for the new Mommy to be using given ocean/nautical words. Its the one in the top left. I got the idea from plan-the-perfect-baby-shower.com, where they had a version of candy names for the terms for a Sugar and Spice or Candy Girl shower. Can also be played in teams which makes it great for mingling!

Second Game top right was a good old fashioned word scrabble but using only bath time words.

Third Game bottom left was called 'Under the Sea Reads'. The guest of honor and I are actually both obsessed with children's literature (go figure we get along so well) so I created this game where I gave a portion of a classic book or children's book title about water, the beach or the ocean and guests had to provide the missing word.

Fourth game bottom right was called "Water Babies" another good traditional party game of matching the mommy animal name with the baby animal name using only water animals in my version to tie into our theme.

Here's a few other images from the shower.

I got her the adorable Dr. Suess If I Ran the Circus Whale they had at Kohls for the Kohls cares program and set it out for decoration. The game prizes were those adorable whale buckets with potted plant. Again used for decoration. I love when items can do double duty! Well it was a lovely event, I hope you enjoyed me sharing some glimpses of it with you.


  1. What great ideas. Thanks for sharing. Love the theme too.

  2. That's a darling invitation! Love the theme. :-)

    Thanks for commenting on Cranberry Morning and for visiting SoapnSuch.com also!! :-)

  3. I love this as a baby shower theme...so cute! It's been a year since I did my sea-themed party and I've noticed that my eye is still drawn to anything sea creature-ish when I'm out shopping!

  4. Stopping by from Bird Crafts - I love the Under The Sea theme too!

    Party and Entertaining Inspiration

  5. Such a fantastic bash it was!! These baby shower photos are so nice. I am glad that you shared pictures here. Last month my sister had turned 14 and we also hosted a blasting under sea party at her favorite NYC venues. We all enjoyed a lot in this cute birthday bash.