Thursday, August 5, 2010

Summer Reading Usborne Style - It's elementary my dear

Continuing on with my little series highlighting great summer reads from Usborne books. Thanks for joining in again today! There is a HUGE variety of books available from Usborne so they've got you covered for summer reading, activities, crafts and more!

Ages 6 & older

Looking for some great summer reads for your summer reading list? Try one of these early readers levels 1-4 available with a variety of titles.

Whether your child or you is into fiction, non-fiction, a good classic tale such as an Aesop fable and fairytales or all of the above Usborne First Readers series will have a book for you. As noted above there is a great selections of titles available in reading levels 1-4. Above is a sampling of some of my favorites all by various authors and illustrators.

Want to beat the summer 'I'm boreds'? Usborne has you covered with a wide variety of kid kits, activity books and activity cards to keep you busy all summer long.

The Young Naturalist Kit includes book by A. Mitchell, butterfly net, vacuum style bug catching device, tools for planting a bottle garden and magnifying glass.

Dinosaur Excavation Adventure Kit includes clay rock with dinosaur skeleton buried inside, archeological digging tools, eye goggles and brush. Think about paring this with one of Usborne's numerous Dinosaur books or opt for the T-Rex Excavation Kit which includes the Dinosaurs (Beginners) book.

Rocks and Fossils Kit includes book by M. Bramwell, sample box of 8 rocks and minerals and a magnifying glass.

There are many other options to choose from too.

Usborne has a wide selection of Things to Do and Make books and card sets. The Doodle cards have a wipe clean surface to use again and again. Above are some of my favorite picks for summer activities by various authors and illustrators.

And to close do you remember back a few posts to my themed preschool picks? Well try these books for your older kids to continue the themed reading and learning fun for everyone!

Whales and Dolphins by Susanna Davidson is filled with all kinds of fascinating information on whales and dolphins. Learn how the breathe, swim, eat and much more.

1001 Things to Spot in the Sea by Katie Daynes. This book is filled with things to find, count and talk about great for hours of puzzle-solving fun as you discover secrets of the sea.

Continue the deep sea finding and learning with Great Undersea Search by Rosie Heywood.

Discovery Bugs by Rosie Dickins is a vividly illustrated guide of bugs from around the world.

1001 Bugs to Spot by Emma Helbrough is filled with bugs to find, count and talk about great for hours of puzzle-solving fun.

Continue the searching and learning with over 100 bugs to find on each double page with Big Bug Search by Caroline Young.

Check back for my picks for ages 10 & up

Due to number of selections covered, I opted not to include other titles available in the various series. Series usually have several different topics and books in them. Also several listed titles are internet referenced for additional information and resources. As always if you would like to order any of these books or have any questions regarding Usborne books and Kane Miller please contact me.


  1. These look wonderful! And I'm such a sucker for good artwork. Love those covers too. They make one WANT to open that book and get into it! :-)

  2. Wow! What great books! I love that Usborne now has activity kits like Dinosaur Excavation Adventure Kit. We made activities similar to that with seashells or fossils when my children were little. But to have them so easily accessible is awesome!

  3. Seeing all these books makes me miss having little kids around or students to teach. And I love the title today. Absolutely the most clever ever!

  4. What a great variety of books! Loved The Secret Garden as a girl - wish I had one to read it to!

    xo Erin

  5. I love the secret garden!
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  7. Wow, a lot of these books look really interesting.