Monday, May 24, 2010

Who's Hiding

I love this book. It's called Who's Hiding and is by Satoru Onishi. It is a delightful book AND game of hide and seek that you, your child and these adorable animals get to play together. My two preschoolers could not put this book down. When we finally got to read through it together there were non-stop giggles with each turn of the page. Both engaged immediately and wanted to take their turn pointing out who was hiding on each page. The "hiding" is quite cleverly done; I don’t’ want to ruin the surprise of how on each page new animals hide but are not quite entirely gone. There are other questions about the animals as they vary from page to page. Your little one will delight to answer, find and point out the animals. It helps with memorization skills, is an interactive read and helps your little one practice to notice details and changes. Plus it’s just plain fun.

This is a Kane Miller book, and Usborne books now carries Kane Miller! Usborne at home consultants are the only sellers of these books. If you are not familar with Kane Miller Publishing, they carry a wonderful selection of children's books from around the world. Who's Hiding is from Japan. If you have any questions about purchasing, as I am an Usborne consultant or would like help finding a local rep near you, please contact me. Checking it out at the library is always a good way to enjoy a good book too!


  1. I love clever little books like this one! I am going to have to peruse your Usborne site & put together an order! Thanks for the great suggestions!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my place at Yellow Shoe Day. I'm glad to meet you. I LOVE children's books. I love Usborne. The Who's Hiding book looks really fun. As my kids enter grade school, and 1 almost in middle school, I am dreading the day that the picture books are too young. We are moving and deciding which books to part with has been torture. They are all my friends!
    Thanks for the recommendations.

  3. Yay for a new blogger...maybe you will win the blog button design. Cross your fingers!