Sunday, June 20, 2010

Moose Tracks!

Hope you're in the mood for some seriously silly reads! We always love a funny book here and I wanted to share some of our favorites this week starting with, Moose Tracks by Karma Wilson and illustrated by Jack E. Davis.

Moose Tracks is a story of an all out mystery! Moose tracks are showing up everywhere in the house; outside on the porch, on the walls, on the cabinets in the kitchen. Where are all these moose tracks coming from? Surely one would remember if a moose had been there, surely you would have heard a moose clambering about? There are other odd things that also show up like bear hair on the chair, mouse prints in the bathroom and woodchips in the guest room but the owner of this home remembers when and who left all those, just not all those moose tracks.

Karma Wilson's story will have you and your kids laughing at all the animal friends in this book and their messes. The story is a rhyming read that is just fun to read out loud. There's even a surprise ending to this book! It is fun from start to finish and everywhere in-between. The colorful illustrations match the humor of the story perfectly.



  1. This looks like something my kidders would def enjoy! Thanks for sharing! Following from Monday Madness. :)

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  5. I am a new follower from Tuesday Tag Along! What a cute book! I am always on the lookout for new books for my boys. they are the only thins i buy and don't feel guilty about ;)

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  7. Hi Michelle,

    Thanks for swinging by my blog today. I'm following you already too.

    I haven't read the book you profiled, but I thought I'd mention my favorite children's book author of all time which is Patricia Polacco. Have you read any of her stories?

    My favorites are Pink and Say and Thank You Mr. Faulker.

  8. Hi Joy! Thanks for stopping in today. I have not read any of Patricia Polacco's books and will definitly check her books out! You might see a review of one of them here someday:-) Thanks for sharing an author you enjoy, I LOVE learning about new books and writers.

  9. This sounds like SO much fun!

    I'm visiting from iFriendship, but I couldn't resist commenting on this post because my son likes all things moose! :)