Monday, July 5, 2010

CSN Product Review - Mudpuppy Press

As I shared last month I was given the opportunity to review an item of my choice from CSN stores, here's the link back to my previous post. Well it was an overwhelming choice to make with their +200 stores and all with amazing products.

So what I decided was to get something for my kids and headed over to to check out their selection of toys. Mudpuppy Press's Play Scene toys caught my eye. Play Scenes are a single page book that comes with reusable stickers for your kids to create different scenes and adventures on. There are several options to choose and I let my kids pick what they wanted. My oldest went with 'On the Construction Site' and my youngest 'Garden Fairies'. Why I choose Muddypuppy Play Scenes was:

1. They're imaginative play driven toys.
2. Are great for making up stories so it’s a good reading tool toy too.
3. NO Batteries, kid powered fun
4. Good for travel, for restaurants and to take along when you visit your 'no-little kids of their own' family and friends.
5. Quiet play
6. Small motor skill developmental play

Seemed like a great pick to me. So what do I think about them now that they have arrived? They're as great as I expected! You get 3 large sticker sheets with about 50 stickers. They are bright and colorful and definitely keep my kids interest. They work well for all the outings I noted above. I actually got these books a week or so ago but tucked them away to bring out for a little trip we went on. I have been searching for great out and about toys.

They are actually larger than expected, not much bigger but the image you see above is about the size of an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper and then it folds open. It is nice to have that handle for easy toting.

Only down side is storage of the stickers. I wished that there was a small plastic case, kind of like a pencil case that was attached and folded out. That way you could put all the stickers in. I used some small flat baby wipe dispensers that we had on hand, but a fabric or plastic pencil case would work better. I'll have to see what I can find. Oh and I have found I like to take a minute if we're taking these out and about and pull out some of the tiny teeny stickers so they don't get lost. But there are still LOTS of large to medium size stickers to play with.

All and all fits just what I was looking for!

Disclaimer: I was offered only an item for review and no other compensation from CSN stores. I was not required to write a positive review and these are my honest opinions on the selected product.

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  1. Completely agree about the sticker scenes - I hosted a review/giveaway for Mudpuppy and these were at the top of my list!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for taking the time to leave a comment. I can't wait to look around your blog some more!

    Counting Coconuts

    PS: re the background... all I can say is great minds think alike! :)

  2. Thanks for mentioning this product! My younger 2 children love stickers and this looks like an excellent product to try out.

    Stopping by from Mingle Monday! :)

  3. I just love things that inspire imaginative play time like that! Thank you so much for your review.
    Blessings to you,
    Sue :)

  4. Thanks for your review, Michelle! My children always loved sticker books for road trips when they were young.

  5. What great reviews! And when I saw Harold and the Purple Crayon I was so excited. I haven't seen that book in ages. I just loved your review.

    Thanks for sharing your views.

    Saving for Someday

  6. I'm going to check this out for my godson...we always have our kids exchange birthday gifts when they come to the beach in August, because we live 600 miles apart. Given that his family has a 12-hour car ride, I usually like to get him something that he can use during the ride home. Based on your suggestion, I'll get some kind of a case for the stickers too!

    I'm your newest follower via TAT!

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    Have a great day!

  8. hey! Thanks for stopping by my blog from MM. Super cute place you have here! Loving all the kid stuff reviews.

    and yeah- bubble gum alley is SO icky!

  9. Neat review!! Looks like fun. :) Thanks so much for the visit! :)