Saturday, July 3, 2010

Have you heard about....

My second new affiliate program is Magic Beans.

If you need it for baby or kids you'll be able to find it at Magic Beans. They carry a wide array of handpicked products including; baby gear, toys, furnishings, clothes, green products and much more. They offer competitive pricing, specials and free shipping. They also currently have 31 days of giveaways, be sure to enter!

A small sampling of what they carry:

Training Bike

Itzbeen Baby Care Timer


Kimono Bodysuit

Oeuf NYC Mini Library

My other affiliate programs are Our Green House, Tiny Prints and DaySpring, be sure to check them out too-


  1. Michelle, this website looks super cool! I am so impressed, you are totally rockin' the whole blogging thing! Way to go!! So glad you started this blog! Happy 4th!

  2. Thanks for visiting Melanie! Thanks for your sweet, encouraging comment! I've been enjoying blogging.

    Happy 4th to you too!

  3. Both of your affiliate programs look really cool - I love that New York library - and I'm not much on the modern, but it is so darn cool! I don't have much money now, but if I have some and go shopping for William, I'll remember your affiliates (I do Amazon affliates, so if you ever want to buy a book, please remember me - Under Erin's Bookshelf).

    xo Erin

  4. We're your newest follower. We'd love you to check out The Mom-tage. We have teamed up with Zondervan Publishing to do book chats with various authors. I think you'd be a great addition to our group!


    Dana @The Mom-tage

  5. I've given you an award! Please stop by my blog to check it out!

    xo Erin

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