Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Two of my Favorite People

This month we celebrate two of my favorite people with Father's Day and my daughter's Birthday. So I wanted to share a Father's Day pick and a great Birthday read with you. Both books are written and illustrated by Dan Yaccarino, who is probably best known for his Oswald books. We love the Oswald books too!

First up Every Friday, is a simple story about a tradition that a boy and his Dad share every Friday that he looks forward to all week long. It's a great read celebrating those special times, traditions and treats that a Dad can share with his children. It's a humbling reminder too of how special those times are to a child. It brings back memories for me too of those favorite moments I shared with my own Dad. The drawings have a nostalgic feel to them too from years past, of a fond memory. I love how the story takes us on the walk every Friday through a city neighborhood, sharing all the little things that are seen, rituals of places they pass and people they greet along the way. It’s a great read that focuses on how special Dads are and to treasure those moments we get to share with them.

Next up is The Birthday Fish. I love theme reading and Birthdays are no exception. I always try to find a book on the topic of Birthdays to share with them as their special day is coming up. Last year I picked this one up from the library for us to read around my daughter's Birthday and it's going to become a regular read each year. It's a story about a little girl named Cynthia who like many little girls, including mine, loves ponies. Each year she asks for a pet pony for her Birthday only to be once again disappointed at not recieving one. This year is different though she finally gets her pet only it's not a pony. It's a fish. On the way to release the unwanted pet into the lake the little girl discovers a special friendship and bond. The story is very clever and funny. The illustrations are also clever and funny.


  1. I wanna read the first one. The cover art is fabulous - very retro. I love it! I'd probably cry reading it, huh? Sounds so sweet.

  2. We found Every Friday at the library awhile back - always appreciate your good book recommendations!!!