Friday, September 17, 2010

Spotlight on the Author - Oliver Jeffers

I love when I find an author that really gets childhood. One that captures the sense of wonder and adventure. One that understands the boundless imagination of a child. Oliver Jeffers is one of those authors. He has written and illustrated three of my favorite picture books. They fall into what I call my simple reads category. I'm hooked on both the simple stylized watercolor illustrations to the quirky adventures that the little boy main character finds himself on.

How to Catch a Star , takes the readers on the plight of a young one's determination and curiousity to catch a star in the sky. I hear Perry Como's "Catch a Falling Star' song everytime I read this book. I love how at one point in the story the little boy simply heads to his well stocked closet to get his rocketship! It truely captures the spirit of reach for your dreams and try, try again.

Lost and Found, starts with an unlikely guest arriving at the door of the little boy, a lost penguin. The little boy is determined to help so, they set off to find the lost penguin's home in what else a row boat! It's a story of helping others and friendship.

The Way Back Home, finds our beloved little boy on another adventure but trouble comes along. Now he and a new space alien friend need to help each other get home in another tale of friendship and team work.

Other great reads from Oliver Jeffers include: The Great Paper Caper, The Incredible Book Eating Boy (would be fun to pair with the classic children's book Petunia) and The Heart and the Bottle.


  1. I love it too, when I find an author I like, so that I can try to get all the books by that particular author. These look great!

  2. How cute! I love trying new kids books. Thanks for the spotlight!

  3. Thanks to you I am pulling together our Santa's wish list for my youngest son! What gorgeous books!!!

    Visiting from Amanda's again this week! Love them!!!

  4. My girls are enthralled with penguins right now. Lost and Found would be a good read. Thanks for linking up! :)

  5. Thanks for sharing I love kids books!!

    Just wanted to say Hello! I noticed your profile pic on another blog!! So cute I had to stop by.

  6. Thanks for the suggested reading. We are working diligently to get my 6yo passionate about reading (even if his mother is not)! Have a great weekend!